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BIORCELL 3D program


An efficient partnership between academic

and industrial entities at the service of Health

In a public/private partnership context, the “Resistance group” of team 2 IMoST and BIOPASS and BIOMARQUEURS companies work on the BIORCELL3D program. Together, they focus their expertise on the development on biotechnology preclinical tools useful for treatment optimization and diagnosis.

The team is specialized in 3D cell culture models from various cancer cell lines and / or transformed cells as preclinical tools which can be used in drug discovery and for new therapies development. The production of these models is optimized with the culture in more reproducible conditions thanks to animal serum-free OptiPASS® medium. This will also allow marketing development in the format of Opti3D kits and a scale-up in bioreactor conditions.

In an other part, this collaboration was the starting point of fluorescent probes development. For this, pharmacomodulation of existing or new drugs is made to study their penetration, distribution, binding and efflux at cell, 3D models or biopsies level. Other types of chemical biotrackers are synthetized to propose new diagnostic tests applied in human health and environment.

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