Young researcher award

Young researcher award

Five winners for the 22nd Clermont edition.

Twelve candidates presented their work for the Young Researcher Prize. Benjamin Dalmas, doctor in computer science, is the 2019 winner. 

The Young Researcher Prize is an opportunity for the City of Clermont-Ferrand to reward the communication talent of recently graduated young doctors who have contributed, through their work, to the influence of the University Clermont Auvergne et Associés (UCAA) and their research units. 

Benjamin Dalmas, doctor in computer science, is the winner of this 22nd edition. The Young Researcher Prize is today the showcase of excellence in Clermont research. Since its creation in 1998, it has highlighted high quality multidisciplinary research, conducted by particularly brilliant students, and has helped to highlight its quality as a major university city. 

Twelve candidates from the five doctoral schools presented their research by making it accessible to non-specialists. Beyond their knowledge, they had to convince of the relevance of their work, show a spirit of synthesis and be brilliant speakers to make the audience aware of the complex subjects they study. 

Because if the first thing is indeed scientific excellence, a candidate for the Young Researcher Prize must also know how to hook his audience, make an often difficult theme captivating, show imagination, even humor, find the anecdote, the image or the word that will immediately hook the jury and the public.

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