Our main developments

Ready-to-use kits of artificial tumors® (96 to 384-well microplate) developed from agressive cancer types (Opti3D)

Synthetic culture media adapted to each cancer type (OptiPASS)

Technical protocols

Fluorescent probes to detect cancer resistance before / after treatment => Treatment optimization (LightSpot)

For all the products, we propose a complete technical and human support in your facilities (Europe)

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Our main services

Development of screening methods

Custom screening

Adaptation of OptiPASS® synthetic medium formulation according to your cell type

Our future developments

Other artifical tumor types: prostate & ovarian

Other 3D cell culture models: mesenchymal stem cells, pancreatic B islets & myocardial tissue

Clinical manufacturing


A strong academic / industrial partnership

In a public / private partnership context, the Resistance group of team 2 IMoST from Clermont Auvergne University (INSERM 1240), BIOPASS and BIOMARQUEURS companies designed the BIORCELL3D features. Together, they work on the development of biotechnology preclinical tools, useful for treatment optimization and diagnosis.

5 partners with complementary skills

IMoST – Joint Research Unit INSERM / Clermont University n°1240



Regional Anticancer Center Jean Perrin

Carbogen AMCIS

OptiPASS® : Complete Serum-Free cell culture medium

Adapted to 2D cell cultures of various cancer cell types. 

Adapted to improve and standardize artificial tumors®  reproducibility, conservation and growth.

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